What People Are Saying About FPN


The Feminist Peace Network is exciting because it draws the links between Patriarchal violences – personal, structural, cultural and spiritual. It shows that gender-based violences around the world, whether marital rape or ‘curative’ rape of lesbians, are directly connected to wars waged between and within countries, be it the Balkans or Congo, Iraq or Afghanistan. We need more FPN’s…

With appreciation, and in solidarity,
Bernedette Muthien
Engender, South Africa


Feminist Peace Network always has the insightful response to what must not pass by us with no comment. And, most importantly, FPN provides information and perspectives on what is vital to us but not mentioned in the corporate mass media. I’ve never seen a source that has touched so many crucial issues and perspectives in such a brave and insightful way. Must reading for me, inspiring and makes me feel less alone in my perspectives.

Dr Martha Allen, Ph.D., Director
Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press


The Feminist Peace Network starkly proves the many reasons why war is a women’s issue — shining a spotlight on the perspectives of women suffering through war, and those fighting for peace. When you can’t find women’s anti-war voices in left-leaning but male-dominated independent media, look for those voices from FPN.

Jennifer L. Pozner
Executive Director
Women In Media & News


The Feminist Peace Network, serves our future generations proudly by establishing a forum for overcoming sexual exploitation in all its forms, in an exemplary chorus of reason.

FPN addresses feminist concerns in an inclusive way by putting to task the manipulation of sexploitation as an unacceptable and archaic commodity and has inspired many voices across the globe by being a cogent example of empowerment that illuminates practical systems of support in addressing the decayed system spawned by the institutional, corporatization and the militarization of the planet.

Dorinda Moreno


The Feminist Peacework is an invaluable, cutting edge resource giving voice to women in regions of conflict, and to women in all corners of the globe who are victims of violence and injustice.

Dr. Lynette J. Dumble
Founder and Director
Global Sisterhood Network


Feminist Peace Network is especially valuable to me because it
consistently makes the link between the sporadic violence of war and
the perennial violence against women, and makes the word ‘peace’ mean
not just of the cessation of war but the creation of a non-violent
and woman-valuing world.

Cynthia Cockburn
Feminist Researcher and Writer


Thank you for FPN, for your discernment, for pointing out the
discrimination and violence raged against women, for cutting through the
lies and telling it like it is. Your words help a lot to not feel so
alone in all of this, and they bring up my own outrage!

Janie Rezner
Spiritual Feminist Warrior