International Women’s Day



Million Women Rise London 2010

Million Women Rise London 2010

Since its inception, The Feminist Peace Network has encouraged women around the world to participate in International Women’s Day.

Please visit  this page for more on how IWD  has been celebrated throughout the world in past years, with current year updates beginning in February.

Here are some websites with more information about International Women’s Day

And 2 sites that FPN is boycotting: is run by Aurora GCM Limited, a private company, and while they have heeded our call not to refer to themselves as the official IWD website, they still use the phrase “The International Women’s Day” to describe their website  which simply isn’t true, there is no such thing and it is a wholly unacceptable affront to women everywhere for a non-public entity to use International Women’s Day as an opportunity for cause branding., run by the Women’s Information Network (WIN) seems to be geared primarily towards promoting WIN-run for-profit events.

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