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LM Headshot 1 Lucinda Marshall is the Director of the Feminist Peace Network (FPN) which she founded in December, 2001 as a virtual ‘room of our own’ where women concerned about how the impending U.S. invasion of Afghanistan (and later Iraq) would impact women’s lives could share their thoughts and ideas for action in a safe, supportive space. While initially focusing on militarism, the network, with participants from around the world,  expanded its vision to also address what Marshall calls “the other terrorism”, the systemic global pandemic of violence and human rights violations against women.

In her efforts to raise awareness about these issues and how they impact women’s human rights, Marshall authored the FPN blog and has published numerous articles in a wide variety of publications—from the Los Angeles Times to the Malaysian journal, Resurgence. Through her writing, Marshall brings a gendered analysis of women’s human rights that focuses not only on militarism but also on how economic, environmental and health issues effect women as well as the ongoing problem of media discrimination against women.  Marshall was also the primary author of the Occupy Patriarchy website, a project of the Feminist Peace Network, which was begun in the fall of 2011 to address the issues of misogyny and women’s rights within the Occupy movement.

She was the Guest Editor for the final issue of the feminist journal off our backs which, at Marshall’s request, was dedicated to women’s visions of peace. She solicited essays from women throughout the world—ranging from Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams to a group of women at a trauma center in the Democratic Republic of Congo—bringing together more than 20 voices from 10 countries.

She has also been interviewed on numerous shows, including Women’s Media Center Live with Robin MorganKPFK’s Uprising, The Jeff Farias Show, Mike Malloy, KPFA Morning Show, Sky News and the BBC.

In addition to the Feminist Peace Network blog, Marshall also authors her own blog, Reclaiming Medusa at LucindaMarshall.com and her work is frequently republished on numerous other sites.  While no longer actively authoring the Feminist Peace Network blog, she continues to be involved in women’s human rights work and continues to maintain FPN’s Twitter feed and Facebook page and after a hiatus of thirty years, she has begun to write poetry again.

Lucinda Marshall is a sought after speaker and commentator.  You can learn more about her presentations here. To arrange for an interview or to book her for a panel or as a speaker, please email her at LucindaMarshall @ feministpeacenetwork.org.


The following is a partial list of articles and essays by Lucinda Marshall, for a more complete list, please click here:

Her work can also be found offline in the following books and magazines:

  • The Essential Hip Mama Anthology (Ariel Gore ed.)
  • One of the Guys (Tara McKelvey ed.)
  • Current Controversies: Vaccines
  • Women and Peace issue of Off Our Backs Magazine (Guest Editor)
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