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The Feminist Peace Network (FPN) advocates for the human rights of women and raises awareness about misogyny and the global pandemic of violence against women as well as supporting the active participation of women and the full reflection of women’s needs in the process of conflict resolution and the creation of sustainable peace,  and examines many issues including education, health, economics, the environment and media from a gendered lens.

For questions regarding FPN and this website, please contact us by email: fpn @ feministpeacenetwork.org.

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For media queries, article and reprint requests and requests for speakers and panel participation, please contact us at: fpn @ feministpeacenetwork.org.

Our comment policy: We welcome your comments on our blog as long as they are respectful, constructive and specifically address the post to which they are made.  However all comments are moderated at our discretion and no comment will be posted that does not adhere to those rules.

 Posted by on November 10, 2006