Sep 022013

Dear Readers,

It has been almost twelve years since I started the Feminist Peace Network.  FPN began as a listserv, but within the first year, we also had a website and in November, 2006, this blog was born.  In that time, there have been almost 1800 blog posts and in addition, I have written numerous articles and opinion pieces for other publications.  To say that this work has been profoundly rewarding is an understatement.  Having the opportunity to write about such a wide range of subjects, and most of all to meet and work with so many wonderful people has been a privilege.

For the last few years however, I have been fighting some pretty severe burnout.  While I have tried to keep the blog going, it’s been obvious to me that this was not a good idea (for me or for the blog).  As I have thought about what would be the best plan of action, it has occurred to me that unlike a book which tends to have a beginning, middle, and end, there is no elegant way to end a blog, they are designed to just keep going. So rather arbitrarily, one just has to stop producing content.

Even though this will be the last post on the blog, I will certainly keep writing.  I have begun to write some poetry and I intend to keep nurturing that.  And from time to time I will write about issues that I feel strongly about and will publish those on my personal blog, Reclaiming Medusa. I will also continue posting links to our Facebook page and on Twitter. and am still available as a speaker and commentator. While the blog is ending, this website will remain up as a resource for the foreseeable future and you can still contact me via our email, fpn @ feminist.

With deep gratitude, I want to thank you all for your readership and participation in discussions and for all the work that you do. Without you, the Feminist Peace Network could not exist and this blog would never have flourished.

Much love to all of you,

–Lucinda Marshall, Founder and Director,  Feminist  Peace Network

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