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As some of you know, to combat paragraph writing fatigue that comes from relentless blog and essay writing, I’ve been working with poetry for the last few months.  The following is something I wrote in January, prompted by one of the many anti-abortion measures that have been introduced in state legislatures and Congress over the last few years.  After last week’s House vote on the 20 week abortion ban, it occurred to me to share it here.  For all the women everywhere who have faced this decision, especially those who have had to do so in the face of restrictive laws and customs.

An Abortion

An Abortion
The condom broke
We forgot
I was raped
I am too young
I am not ready

Because it is my body

And I must make that decision
Which you dare presume
To make for me
With your laws that
Make me travel all day
To reach the clinic
Where I must wait days
Until I have done my
State-ordered thinking
After you force me to look at what
You dare call a baby
That you see
From a stick thrust up my womb
And tell me that I must
Bear the cost

An abortion
Because my life depends upon it

 –Lucinda Marshall, ©2013

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