Jun 212012

This will be the summer that women in the U.S.rose up and said enough and demanded to be heard:

July 1rst Occupy Feminist General Assembly  in Philadelphia.

The We are Women March on Washington DC will take place on August 18.  See this for more details.

Defend Women’s Rights, events nationwide on August 26th, details here.

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Jun 182012

From some very awesome male allies, it is Vagina Sing-A-Long Day!

And yet another catchy vagina song:

And DJ Jay Smooth speaking truth to sexist trolls:

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Jun 152012

I am honored to have the opportunity to participate in this Webinar on Wednesday, June 20th. For those of you in the U.S., the time listed is 9 am edt. Please join us with your questions and comments!



A virtual consultation hosted by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Wednesday 20 June, 2012 at 1 pm UTC/GMT

The work of organised civil society sometimes serves to reinforce existing paradigms of power and of exclusion. Global alliances such as CIVICUS must live their values by practicing and promoting diversity within our organisations, networks and programmatic work. As a platform organisation, CIVICUS needs to facilitate access for muted voices in order to ensure just processes and decisions, particularly in the global arena to ensure the inclusion of traditionally excluded, exploited, and marginalised groups. The challenge lies in moving beyond shallow, box-ticking approaches and towards forming legitimate partnerships with marginalised groups and mainstreaming their issues and concerns into our core work.

Join us as we explore how can CIVICUS increase access for muted voices locally, regionally and globally and how CSOs can form genuine partnerships marginalised groups.

This webinar will feature presentations on:

Patriarchy and the Occupy Movement – Lucinda Marshall, Director, Feminist Peace Network

Gender mainstreaming – Beyond box-ticking – Ennie Chipembre, Acting Country Representative, Action Aid South Africa

The role of international solidarity and a global alliance in amplifying marginalised and muted voices – CIVICUS staff member

The session is expected to last for 90 minutes. 50 minutes will be dedicated to an open discussion during which you are invited to share your experiences and perspectives.

Click here to register.

Space is limited so mark your calendar and register now!

If you have any further questions about the webinar, please contact Ciana-Marie Pegus (ciana-marie.pegus@civicus.org).

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Jun 132012

Last week I attended a Congressional roundtable discussion that brought key players from the Obama Administration, Congress, and civil society together to talk about the next steps for the National Action Plan (NAP) on Women, Peace and Security which was signed by President Obama last fall.  While the road to fully implementing this plan will no doubt be long and less than perfect, that we are even having this discussion is crucially important as is bringing together the dedicated activists and politicians who are committed to moving this forward.

Ambassador Melanne Verveer discusses the NAP under Lincoln's watchful gaze. Photo by Lucinda Marshall

Be that as it may, you probably didn’t hear about this on the news because a packed room of women (and a few men) sitting at a conference table under a painting of Lincoln and his advisers talking about women’s human rights is just not up at the top of the newsworthy food chain scale.  For that reason, I was pleased to write about the roundtable for the Women’s Media Center.

As I note in the article, there is still much to be done and as I have written on this blog, I have significant concerns about how the U.S. will implement this plan.  A new report on the progress being made on the NAP is due out in the next few weeks, and after that I will be more fully addressing those concerns.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (One of my personal sheroes) and Rep. Russ Carnahan hosted the Roundtable in conjunction with WILPF. Photo by Lucinda Marshall

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