May 092012

Please support this important new campaign to stop rape and gender violence in conflict (received via email):

The International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflictis the first ever global collaboration between Nobel Peace Laureates, international advocacy organizations, and groups working at the regional and community levels in conflict areas.

The Campaign is led by the women Peace Laureates of the Nobel Women’s Initiative and an Advisory Committee comprised of 25 organizations. These groups have worked tirelessly on the frontlines to defend women’s rights, amplify voices of rape survivors, and stop rape. They include organizations working at the international, regional, and community levels.

The Campaign unites the organizations and individuals that have tirelessly worked to amplify the voices of survivors and stop rape, into a powerful and coordinated effort for change.

The Campaign will demand urgent and bold political leadership to prevent rape in conflict, to protect civilians and rape survivors, and call for justice for all—including effective prosecution of those responsible.

Our three pillars—prevention, protection, prosecution—signal a comprehensive effort to stop rape in conflict. We need the political will and resources to prevent and protect, while also ensuring that those who are survivors of rape find the justice and support they deserve.

Our four focus countries—the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Colombia, and Burma—are places where immediate, coordinated action is needed. Within these four countries we know that our united efforts can make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Rape in conflict is not a new occurrence, but with more data and increased media visibility we are now able to demonstrate the widespread nature of gender violence around the world. Rape is a strategic weapon to destroy people, used by state security forces and armed groups around the world.

The Campaign brings men and women together. Rape is not just a woman’s issue—men are also victims of rape in conflict. The only way we will achieve our goal is by engaging all sides, including men, and bringing people from all sectors together.

Take the Pledge: you can join the Campaign online at by signing a pledge of support. You can also make a “personal pledge” to take an action in your community in support of the Campaign. Everyone is an active member of this Campaign and every action counts—whether it’s committing to blog and raise awareness, volunteering at a local organization, organizing a film screening or simply lending your voice if you are a public figure. Every action and every person counts.

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