Apr 262012

This Saturday, women, and the men who love and respect them will take to the streets all over the U.S. to say that they have had enough of the very real war on women.  The attacks have risen well beyond epic proportions and some of those attacks have been blogged about here and posted on our Facebook page, but frankly, it is all but impossible to keep up with it.  And at some point, you realize that it is absolutely insufficient to address each attack, we need to confront the monster that is trying to destroy our lives with this barrage of horror.  And that is what the 50 state March Against The War on Women is all about.

The Feminist Peace Network endorses this national action and urges you to get out in the street on Saturday.  We all need to be there because quite simply our lives depend on it and it is time to take back the political commons and put an end to this dangerous insanity.  Go to the Unite Women website to find the event nearest you, we cannot put it more succinctly than Susan Sarandon does:

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