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The InternationalWomen’sDay.com website has added yet another corporate sponsor, EON. If you are perhaps baffled about why a website that has usurped the name of the most significant global celebration of women’s lives and rights of the year has corporate sponsors, Glenda Stone who started the website and runs it without input from women’s rights organizations explains,

Without their support, the website could not survive. Each Supporting Partner has a firm track record in supporting women’s equality and advancement. We like to celebrate International Women’s Day, but we also want to celebrate our Supporting Partners! We urge you to acknowledge them whenever you can.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but one of the central screaming reasons that IWD is so necessary is the continued corporate exploitation of women.  Women’s rights organizations throughout the world run websites and do their work without corporate cause-branding but Ms. Stone runs her site by allowing placement of ads such as this which clearly serve the interest of the corporation, not women:

As we have pointed out numerous times before, this website is primarily an opportunity for the corporate cause branding of International Women’s Day.  In sharp contrast, take a look at the sponsorship page for the Meet Me On The Street Anti-Street Harassment Week Campaign.  There are too many sponsors to capture in one screenshot, but here are a few of the many non-corporate woman-positive  sponsors:

Full disclousre–FPN is also a co-sponsor of the Meet Me On The Street Campaign, which proves most righteously that it is possible to run a successful campaign and website without selling out to corporate interests as InternationalWomensDay.com does.  Once again, the Feminist Peace Network calls on Ms. Stone and her corporate sponsors to do the right thing and quit using International Women’s Day for callous corporate cause branding.  InternationalWomensDay.com is NOT the official IWD website, there is no such thing and it should be boycotted.

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  1. Please add http://internationalwomensday.org to your boycott list!
    This website has hijacked the day – see this page http://internationalwomensday.org/about_iwd# – as if they created IWD!

    This is a For-Profit focused on simultaneous Conferences – entrepeneurial, networking, global business conference days. And women attending are asked to sell sponsorships as well.
    The whole page is run by WIN – The Women’s Information Network – and all owned by a woman called Paula Fellingham
    Featured speakers at the LA event (a hotel conference) include ‘Buns of Steel’ author and a Days of of Lives star. The trend is the same in other cities.
    Very much like the ‘pink-ribbon’ pinkwashing of breastcancer and women’s health issues – this site is hijacking IWD for a corporate-style set of pseudo women’s ’empowerment’ conferences wrapped in fuzzy words like ‘Celebrate, Commit, and Connect.” personal health and well being, Family & Country.
    I was horrified to find this site at the top of the page when I searched IWD events in LA. And even more horrified by the insidious ‘moral’ family values on the international country pages – eg http://internationalwomensday.org/lesotho#
    Please add to your boycott list!!

  2. Lynn, I totally agree, we called them out in an earlier post several weeks ago.

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