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International Women’s Day on March 8th is fast approaching and as we have in past years, the Feminist Peace Network calls for boycotting the corporate-run InternationalWomensDay.com website.  The website is owned by Aurora Ventures, a private company run by Australian businesswoman Glenda Stone.  The corporate sponsors seem to vary from year to year, this year’s sponsors include:

Also included this year is a link to financial giant  Deloitte’s International Women’s Day  Global Retention of Women (GROW) Toolkit. And who you ask are the executive sponsors of the GROW council?  These guys, that’s who:

And here is the picture used in the toolkit to illustrate women’s history:

And because it is a GROW toolkit, there are lots of awesome plant pictures–a crop circle, a clove of garlic and an adorable little girl blowing dandelion seeds.  Really worth the read just for the illustrations, not to mention helpful event planning tips like hiring a caterer.  Inappropriate and self-serving?  Just a tad.

Nowhere on the  InternationalWomensDay.com site has there ever been any indication of editorial and decision-making input from women-run organizations or NGOs.  While the website does provide links to information on International Women’s Day, it is a blatant example of corporate cause branding that is completely inappropriate for International Women’s Day and as we have pointed out before, it is beyond inappropriate for the site to refer to itself (as it does in its metatags) as “The International Women’s Day Site”.

While considerably different in format, the InternationalWomensDay.org site is also disturbing.  It is run by the Women’s Information Network and seems to be primarily geared  towards running for profit seminars about women’s issues.  While it does count a number of women’s organizations on its list that support International Women’s Day, these look to be primarily organizations that table at WIN events, rather than participating in decision-making roles for event planning. If there is any doubt about the commercialization of this website, as I write this, the top post on their blog reads as follows:

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To say that is inappropriate would be an understatement. The bottom line is this–International Women’s Day is an international event that belongs to the women of the world. No one organization should control websites that hawk themselves as official websites for the day and it is beyond unfortunate that these url’s have been taken over for the primary benefit of private concerns.  The Feminist Peace Network encourages a boycott of both sites.

For more on International Women’s Day, please see our resource page.

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