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Before I write another word, I feel a need to apologize.  What you are about to see is about taking care of your car and curing cancer all at the same time and it is pink.  Very pink.  It  started with a banner ad that popped up on a website I was looking at this morning:

There is little I like less than companies who make things that are linked with cancer (such as car exhaust) making money on breast cancer cause branding and I couldn’t figure out how getting a $10 dollar rebate on a very pricey oil change was going to cure breast cancer, so much against my better judgement,  I clicked the ad.

Which led to this:

Wow, did they just up the ante on possibly the pinkest car ad ever?  Forget the oil change, now they are suggesting we have to buy a whole car?  Still not a word on how this fights breast cancer.  So I decided to go googling and found this:

Join the fight against Breast Cancer | Washington, MI

The copy below the banner reads,

When you submit a service rebate for service performed in October, you can help change a woman’s life when you elect to waive some or all of your eligible rebate(1). Whether it’s $5, $10 or $25. Chevrolet will contribute the money to the American Cancer Society®(2). Join Chevrolet in the fight against breast cancer.

Talk about generosity–if we buy their overpriced service, they will send our money to ACS.  Not one word about an actual donation from Chevrolet itself.

You can contact Chevrolet here and tell them what you think of their self-serving, ungenerous, pink-washed ad campaign here.  Chevrolet owes an apology to everyone who has ever had breast cancer and while we’re at it, a plan to cut cancer causing auto emissions.


Chevy isn’t the only automaker to run campaigns like this.  I had to get new windshield wipers awhile back and the guy at the Toyota service center told me that half of the purchase price for the wipers would go to breast cancer.  I started loudly saying that I was opposed to companies that make cancer producing products doing this sort of cause branding and I’d prefer to buy the wipers at half the price.  Which they quickly agreed to if for no other reason than to get me to shut up. Of course half the price is what the wipers should have been in the first place, not the jacked up price that forces the customer to be generously overcharged so that the company looks like it cares.

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  1. As usual you are right on target about the pinkwashing.

    Here’s my take this October:http://www.wimnonline.org/WIMNsVoicesBlog/2011/10/12/tie-a-purple-ribbon-too/

    If only bruises got as much hype as breasts….

  2. Miranda, thank you, what an excellent piece. I’ve raised the point in past years but had been still working on an angle for this year, but you totally said what needs to be said. The lack of Wikipedia page astounds and saddens me.

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