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You know the feeling–it’s Monday afternoon and already you’re tired, stressed out and the weekend is so four days away. Maybe clicking on the links to these stories about very inspiring women will help:

FireDogLake interviews environmental activist Diane Wilson:

Well, I found out the hard way about what things worked to get corporations, agencies, and politicians attention. In Texas and especially the isolated rural place I was from, it certainly wasn’t working ‘inside the box’. I could have worked inside the box for the rest of my days, dotting every i and crossing every t and what i would have gained was a couple parts per million on chlorine or vinyl chloride. Nothing in fact. So, at the risk of losing my bay and an entire culture where I grew up, I took a risk—and did a hunger strike. That hunger strike worked because it was using a different kind of energy–i think it was heart energy, as gandhi talks about–and also it was something the corporations could not control. And it worked. i think we citizens of this globe need to get eyeball to eyeball with corporate ceo’s and tell them we will take NO MORE.

The Nobel Women’s Initiative’s “Women Forging A New Security:  Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict is happening now in Canada and is being live-blogged, well worth following.

Saudi women decide enough is enough and defy the Saudi ban on women driving.

83 year old peace activist  Jean Gump is awaiting sentencing in Tennessee.

Jean Gump

In her most recent protest, Gump and oth­er anti-nuclear protesters tres­passed July 5 at the Y-12 Na­tional Security Complex, ac­cording to a news release from U.S. Attor­ney William Killian’s office.

Jean will turn 84 in prison this week.  You can send her a card to this address:

Jean Gump
Blount County Adult Detention Center
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002

Bertha Lewis, the former president of ACORN talks about her new project, the Black Institute,

dedicated to immigration reform, environmental justice, education and economic fairness.

Feeling better?  Okay, now get back to work and make it count!  And if you have a story about an inspiring women, add a link in the comments.

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