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In our continuing look at our own story as part of Women’s History Month, the following is an early version of the invite letter to join the original FPN listserv which for a brief period was co-moderated by Mo Horowitz (hence my signature as co-moderator).  This was written in 2002.  There was an earlier letter that I penned inviting people to join the list when I first set it up in late 2001, but unfortunately it seems to have disappeared from my files.

A note about why the list was for women only–my original motivation for starting the list was that women were having a difficult time being heard in other groups and concerns about women’s rights relevant to militarism were being dismissed as not a primary issue.  There was a huge need for women to have a space where they were not being intimidated and put down and where they felt safe, particularly since a number of early members had experienced violence themselves so it was a collective decision that we needed to create and nurture a woman only space where we felt free and safe in voicing our innermost thoughts.

Dear Friends,

The  Feminist Peace Network would like to invite you to become a member. To the best of my knowledge, it is the only unaffiliated, global, women-only discussion group devoted to discussing feminist concepts of peace.

The focus of this group is about building an enduring peace, with ending the pandemic of violence and terrorism towards women and children as a first priority.  This group is dedicated to the urgent need to immediately work towards providing shelter, food, education and a safe environment for women and children in all parts of the world, as well as creating economic conditions to ensure these rights in the future.  A strong bias towards matriarchal thinking is assumed.

The group is open to Pacifists and Feminists of all denominations, nationalities and persuasions  willing to share ideas and work together across borders and cultures to achieve these goals.  At the present time, the group is open to women only.

The only rule of this group is respect towards others and constructive intent of all posts. This is not just another e-list. We are here to talk and share ideas and to enable each other’s activism in our own communities and to work together across borders.

Lucinda Marshall

Co-Moderator, Feminist Peace Network

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