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I have no idea if Julian Assange is a rapist.  What I do know is that being a left-wing hero doesn’t make you innocent of those charges.  That point seems to be lost on a number of people who should know better.  I’m looking at you Bianca Jagger.  And you Naomi Wolf.  Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore, you too.  And now Daniel Ellsberg, who tweeted this yesterday,

Hello?  Mr. Ellsberg? Did you also listen to his accusers?  Do you think that every man who says he is innocent of rape charges that have been brought against him is innocent?  These remarks sadden me.  You are my hero but the values that you hold dear must not be at the expense of women’s human rights and safety.  You have said on Twitter that you will address the concerns of those who are calling you out for this remark.  Frankly the only response that will work is to apologize and say that your comment was ill-conceived;  when the left sounds like Justice Scalia when it comes to women’s human rights, that is unacceptable.



1.  Interesting interview with one of Assange’s accusers here.

2.  A reminder from Haiti that rapists often get a free pass, often on a grand and very tragic scale.

3.  The Nation’s Greg Mitchell wants to know why I called him out on Twitter for retweeting Ellsberg’s tweet about the rape charges.  Because Ellsberg’s words carry a great deal of weight and shouldn’t just be given a no comment pass.  Mitchell comments on all sorts of things regularly, this would have been a good time to comment.

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  1. Really? Bummer.

  2. Why are the men on the left, progressives the last to get that if one in four women are victims of rape, if pornography and prostitution have become massive industries, that a huge proportion of men sexually exploit women and children? As long ago as 1979 I pointed that out in Female Sexual Slavery. Progressive men appear to think that their entire population is outside of these facts, and hence exonerate Julian Aussange because he is one of them.

    Daniel Ellsberg is modeling this behavior and thanks to Feminist Peace Network for exposing it as such, for we, women will have peace without rape or there will be no peace.

    Why Daniel Ellsberg did you not personally get the accounts of the Swedish women before you stand in judgment against them? Instead of misogynist male bonding, why do you not call for a thorough police investigation that would either lead to charges being made or Aussange being exonerated. And by the way, you can still support Wikileaks for its courageous and significant work.

    Kathleen Barry
    Unmaking War, Remaking Men

  3. Aussange’s accusers have spoken: http://studentactivism.net/2011/01/05/assange-accuser-interview/ Will Daniel Ellsberg apologize to them and to feminists worldwide?

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