Nov 172010

The Center for Reproductive Rights is taking the FDA back to court, 

for ignoring a March 2009 court order to end age restrictions on emergency contraception.

The FDA is not above the law and should have to follow a court order (not to mention overwhelming scientific evidence) just like everyone else. We hope you’ll share this case with your readers and encourage them to take action against the FDA with us.

The restrictions were originally put in place during the Bush administration because they didn’t want young women to have access to EC. Medical and scientific consensus provides no rationale for age restrictions on EC, and a court ruled in the Center’s favor in 2009 and ordered the FDA to reconsider its policy.

The judge trusted that the Obama administration would do the right thing and reverse course, but fast forward a year and a half and the FDA continues to make excuses. What’s worse is that at the start of his administration, President Obama declared that politics would no longer play a role in U.S. science policy, stating, “we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.”

The Center first sued the FDA in 2005, and even a 2009 victory  hasn’t driven the message home to the White House that women of all ages deserve quick, safe access to emergency contraception

Take Action and send a message to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg.  And since you absolutely shouldn’t have a conversation about contraception without bunnies, enjoy:

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