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UN1325 Engage Understand Act is an animated film by Ingrid Quinn and Pippo Lioni produced to recognize and celebrate the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

Via email, Ingrid Quinn shared her reasons for making the film, the message she hopes to convey and how she hopes to further the implementation of 1325.

Q:  What motivated you to make the film?

A:  I think the combination of design and new media offers a multitude of possibilities for the development sector. Working in countries impacted by war and disaster, I wanted to merge design thinking and new media with human rights to create new ways understanding, perceiving and engaging.

UN1325 Engage Understand Act came out of two core motivations; Firstly, I wanted translate UN1325; a technical legal document, into an accessible visual language. My intention with the film is to engage the viewer, provoke thought and stimulate discussion; what does it mean?’ ‘how does it affect me?’ ‘do I have a role?’

Secondly, I wanted to act upon the many stories I’d heard over the years from women who have experienced war and disaster. Their experiences are often marginalized and their rights ignored.

Creating a bridge between women’s experiences at the grassroots and global policy is vitally important to me. I wanted to create an advocacy tool that brings together the experiences of women to inform decisions made by the global architects of policy.  The 10th anniversary of UN1325 provided a great opportunity.

Creating the animation UN1325 Engage Understand Act was very much a collaborative effort with artist Pippo Lionni.

Q:  What are the key points you are trying to get across about UNSCR 1325?

A:  The realities of war are not experienced in a moment, an hour or a day – the impact is life changing.  I wanted to emphasis the strength and critical role of women as decision makers, change agents, survivors.   Women are not asking anymore, we’re doing!

Q:  How do you see this movie as a catalyst for implementation of 1325, do you have specific goals regarding what you hope to achieve with this film?

A:  The film is a first in many ways.  UN1325 is the first UN Security Council Resolution that specifically addresses issues relating to women and war. UN1325 Engage Understand Act is the first animation of UN Security Council Resolution.  It is the first in a series of animation projects that I have planned in collaboration with Pippo Lioni.

I intend to give impetus to action; to go beyond the jargon and the technical language to engage a larger audience with the realities of conflict and to challenge stereotypes and mis-perceptions about women.

A press release for the film’s debut provides additional information:

The animated film UN1325 ENGAGE UNDERSTAND ACT produced by gender specialist and social researcher Ingrid Quinn and French/American artist Pippo Lionni and distributed by Videoseeding.com will go viral/global across social media sites on 20 October 2010 (YouTube, Facebook etc).  It will be screened throughout the upcoming UN Peace Fair in New York, 26-29 October 2010.

The 31st of October 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 Women, Peace and Security (‘UN1325’).  UN1325 was passed unanimously and is the first formal and legally binding instrument from the United Nations Security Council that requires parties at war to: respect women’s rights, protect women and girls in conflict, increase the influence of women in decision making and peace negotiations and involve women post-conflict rebuilding. The resolution underscores the responsibility to protect women and girls from human rights abuses, including gender- based violence. 

UN1325 is among the most effective yet under-utilized tool for both civil leaders and citizens to hold states and individuals accountable to ensure women’s full participation in preventing and resolving conflict, promoting peace and security and protecting women in times of conflict and peace.

The film UN1325 ENGAGE UNDERSTAND ACT is a call to action. The film intends to provoke thought on the disproportionate impact, inequalities and struggles faced by women in war. It calls for the urgent implementation UN1325.

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