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It has undoubtedly escaped no one’s attention that this year’s U.S. election cycle has achieved new levels of bizarre and dangerous rhetoric, even by American standards.  It has also unleashed some particularly vile and disturbing misogynist spew, to the point where feminist activists have created websites such as Name It Change It, which is tracking political misogyny such as, “Puerto Rican Legislator Caught Groping ABC Student Journalist”, and  the grossly sexist media coverage such as the Seattle Weekly’s revolting portrayal of Senator Patty Murray on their cover.

Robin Marty reports on RH Reality Check about Dan “Doc” Severson, the Republican Minnesota Secretary of State candidate who wants to change the Minnesota law pertaining to rape kits to stick rape victims with the costs of the examination and kit if they decide not to report the  crime,

“If the victim refuses to substantiate the assault and file a report with a law enforcement agency, the counties are liable for only 50 percent of the total costs of the examination…”  In other words, should a victim of rape or sexual assault go to a hospital and have an examination done and rape kit created, if she then decides not to report the crime she will then need to pay for half of the costs associated with the collection and processing.

And according to Todd Lally who is running against Rep. John Yarmuth in Kentucky, women’s equal rights are up to women and he doesn’t see any inequalities.

Also in Kentucky where Rand Paul is all in a huff that his opponent Jack Conway is disrespecting his religion, Conway recently made the far more relevant point of wondering, “when is it ever a good idea to tie up a woman and ask her to kneel before a false idol, your god, which you call Aqua Buddha?”

In the good news department, The Women’s Campaign Forum is doing some excellent blogging about sexism and women running for office, including Jodi Jacobson’s “Sexism Knows No Party Affiliation,” which takes a necessary look at sexism in both parties.

With 2 weeks to go until the election, it is a fair bet that some of the nastiest mud has yet to be slung, so unplug your television, do not answer those toll-free campaign calls and no excuses, and be sure and vote.

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