Oct 132010

It would be easy to pass  off this video from the New York Times as a human interest story, meant to give us a feel for what women in the military are doing in Afghanistan.  The caption that runs with the video reads,

Full-time “female engagement teams'” deploy alongside all-male infantry patrols in Helmand Province to try to win over rural Afghan women, who are culturally off-limits to outside men.

“Female engagement teams”? Guess we didn’t win too many hearts and minds killing innocent civilians, let’s try girl-talk instead?

And given that we know that the CIA has a specific policy of using sympathy for Afghan women as a way to drum up support for the war, one has to wonder if perhaps pride in the work being done by female soldiers  is also being used to promote our continued presence in Afghanistan with the mainstream media once again being used as willing mouthpieces for Pentagon talking points.  For more on this issue, click here.


Many thanks to my son Josh for bringing this video to my attention.

 October 13, 2010  Posted by on October 13, 2010

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