Aug 242010

Count me among those who get a significant portion of their daily news from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  I want to heart these guys for their usually brilliant take on the world.  But then there are those awful moments when they shamelessly remind us of the not so funny male whiteness of the liberal progressive establishment.  This is a screenshot of the writers of the Colbert Report taking a bow on the Aug. 23rd episode:

In the a picture is worth 1000 words department, nuf said.

 August 24, 2010  Posted by on August 24, 2010

  One Response to “The Not So Funny White Maleness Of Comedy”

  1. Is Alternet or some other outlet going to pick this up? There really needs to be some site within the larger “progressive media community” who regularly posts these issues — so the long string of media inequality is seen as a constant! Especially in light of the great appeal of “10 Journalism Resolutions for 2010” (…. Or, was that liberal sap too?!!!!

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