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So it turns out that Mommies are still underpaid and guess what?  It’s all the fault of feminists! Yup no doubt about it, couldn’t possibly be due to discrimination dating back to the dawn of patriarchy. According to The Atlantic,

New data shows that, despite feminists’ best efforts, women have still failed to reach equality in the job market.

Wow, like I feel so inadequate. The NYT continues the bashing here:

Women and men with similar qualifications — age, education, experience — are much more likely to be treated similarly today than in the past. The pay gap between them, while still not zero, has shrunk to just a few percentage points.Yet once you look beyond the tidy comparisons of supposedly identical men and women, the picture is much less sunny. There are still only 15 Fortune 500 companies with a female chief executive. Men dominate the next rungs of management in most fields, too. Over all, full-time female workers make a whopping 23 percent less on average than full-time male workers…

The fact that the job market has evolved in this way is no accident. It’s a result of policy choices. As Jane Waldfogel, a Columbia University professor who studies families and work, says, “American feminists made a conscious choice to emphasize equal rights and equal opportunities, but not to talk about policies that would address family responsibilities.”

In many ways, the choice was shrewd. The feminist movement has been fabulously successful fighting for antidiscrimination laws that require men and women to be treated equally. These laws have not eliminated the blatant sexism of past decades — think “Mad Men” — but they have beaten back much of it.

As a result, outright sexism is no longer the main barrier to gender equality. The main barrier is the harsh price most workers pay for pursuing anything other than the old-fashioned career path.

“Women do almost as well as men today,” Ms. Waldfogel said, “as long as they don’t have children.”

And just how problematic is that?  According to Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Moms Rising,

The wrinkle here is that according to the U.S. Census over 80% of US women have kids by the time they’re 44, which means the majority of women hit an economic Maternal Wall and don’t “do almost as well as men.”

Blame it on the feminists? What a load of poop.

Disclaimer:  I wrote this post while making dinner for my family, go on, try to pull off that trick you male CEO’s!

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  4 Responses to “The Glass Ceiling Is Carpeted With Poopy Diapers And It Is All The Fault Of Feminists”

  1. So well said! Thanks for pointing out the inherent hypocrisy in blaming FEMINISTS for women’s substandard treatment in the mainstream labor force. Some further discussion on why women are actually paid less than men:

  2. You are most welcome!

  3. Well said and funny. I think women with children should get more pay, because they need more to support the children, save for their future, etc..
    But don’t stop at the economic injustice against women. All but the top third have been losing ground in the post war period. The higher you are, the more insulated you are from the problem, but it’s coming to everyone: crime, squalor, lack of a strong healthy workforce.
    It’s all part of the problem that includes the treatment of women.

  4. As a male, I have always supported female equality.

    It occurred to me early in life that if women were economically equal to men, then the burden on men would be lessened. The family unit gains more economic stability. Win-win. What is so hard to understand about this?

    Maybe it is because my own mother was able to out-earn my father (which sadly I wasn’t aware of until he had collapsed and she had to take up the support of the family) that I believe this. But regardless of why, this idea still stands strong against the vapid arguments issued by male-supremacists and religiously-fueled bigots that amount to women might as well be male property. And to answer those who would claim that economic equality weakens the family bond, explain to me why the divorce rate remains astronomically high? Even very wealthy men (Silvio Berlesconi, anyone?) lose their wives over non-economic issues, so there is no justification for economic discrimination as the reason all women would remain in their family relationships, however tainted they are. Might does not make right, not even in family finances.

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