Jul 262010

Diane Wilson is a Texas shrimper who has been fighting against the chemical destruction of the Gulf of Mexico by large corporations for decades.  Recently she was arrested for protesting at a Congressional hearing on the BP oil disaster and faces two years in jail.  Here is what she had to say in a recent interview with Yes Magazine about what is needed to move towards necessary changes: 

We are going to have to learn to not be so well behaved. We are going to have to move from our hearts. I have always believed that at some time in our lives, we will come across some information that just hits us, and what we do with that bit of information will determine the rest of our lives.

There are no excuses. If you look at the social changes that have been made in this country and all around the world, it is the people who seemed least able to make changes who did. We just forget that we have that kind of potential.

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