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This is the full text of the Gender Justice Resolution that came out of the People’s Movement Assembly at the U.S. Social Forum:


Because gender oppression and violence exist on the interpersonal, community, state and transnational levels and are perpetuated in progressive/radical spaces such as the USSF that define US social movements;

Because issues of gender justice were marginalized and de-prioritized in the USSF process, including, but not limited to lack of all-gender bathrooms, labor, care taking and an organized response to sexual and gender based violence and harassment;

Because we will not give up who we are to be safe and we demand self-determination for our bodies, identities, minds and expression;

Because economic, social, environmental and political injustice exist and because we lack safe spaces for discussion and democratic consensus decision making,

Because we need and deserve culturally responsive spaces to heal from trauma due to multi-layered oppressions and violence, and we need and deserve the resources to own and control our own bodies and to be able to express our genders freely;

The USSF is a gathering of social justice-minded folks;

The transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC), feminist, gender queer, intersex and two-spirited cultures have the opportunity to build an alliance around eradicating gender oppression and violence on the interpersonal, community, state and transnational levels


Develop and integrate an intersectional gender analysis and strategies to eradicate gender oppression and violence in all progressive/radical spaces that honor the work of radical women of color, feminists and women workers;

Apply an approach to social movements and thought that highlights the intimate connections between race, class, gender, sexuality, ableism, citizenship and empire;

Move beyond a rhetoric of gender equality and tokenism to gender justice through constant self, collective, community and institutional reflection, evaluation and change;

Educate our communities to eradicate gender oppression and violence with respect and compassion without re-inscribing colonial processes of punishment, control and correction;

Learn about our own privilege and challenge and change ourselves;

Transform communication including language and language access, and use art to represent, express and mobilize the grassroots.

And we invite everyone at the US Social Forum to join us.

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