Jun 242010

From Another Peace Is Possible–Understanding How Militarism Harms Women and Working Together To Create A Women-Inclusive Peace, FPN’s panel and discussion at the U.S. Social Forum, the following are necessary steps in making it so:

Towards A Women-Inclusive Peace

1.  Make the connection between the othering that enables militarism and the othering that enables sexual violence. Make violence against women an integral part of the peace agenda.

2.  Peace in the world must include creating peace in our homes. We need to take intimate violence as seriously as the violences of war.

3. Admit that sexual violence is a tool of war. When men go to war, women and children are overwhelmingly the innocent victims.  We need to own up to this and make it a front and center issue.

4.  It is time to move away from Power Over to a framework that is based upon Power Within and Power Among.

5.  We need to make a fundamental paradigm shift and move towards partnership thinking.  Rather than seeing others as adversaries, let’s look at how can we partner to create solutions and make meaningful and just relationships.  Then we will be truly empowered.

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