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Activism against nuclear proliferation is something that will always be near and dear to my heart.  My grandmother, Lenore G. Marshall was a committed anti-nuclear activist long before it was popular and it is from her that my own interest in the activist and writing life first sprung.  So I was truly excited to see the following effort being so passionately championed by another woman who is deeply committed to this issue:

Queen Noor of Jordan recently went on the Bill Maher show to talk about the Global Zero project.  According to their website,

Global Zero members believe that the only way to eliminate the nuclear threat – including proliferation and nuclear terrorism – is to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, secure all nuclear materials and eliminate all nuclear weapons: global zero.

The international Global Zero Commission of 23 political and military leaders has developed a practical step-by-step plan – backed by hundreds of former heads-of-state, foreign ministers, national security advisers and military commanders – to achieve this goal over the next two decades.

The Global Zero Action Plan calls in its first phase for the U.S. and Russia to cut their arsenals to 1,000 total warheads each, all other countries with nuclear weapons to freeze their arsenals, and the international community to conduct an all-out global effort to block the spread of nuclear weapons. These steps would be followed by the first multilateral negotiations in history for stockpile reductions by all nuclear weapons countries.

The website also has an amazing interactive map that does an excellent job of showing how nuclear proliferation spread, with a very detailed timeline, and why nuclear weapons are such a threat to all.

Listen to Queen Noor explain her work:

What an excellent project–be sure to add your name to their petition.

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