Jun 222010

As long time readers of this blog know, I have exactly zero patience with suddenly discovered diseases that can be cured  by wonderful new, profitable pills.  And thus it is with the little pink pill known by the really stupid name of Flibanserin which treats the newly minted Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women, which for those of you without medical degrees means not interested in putting out tonight honey and tomorrow night’s not going to be much better.  Fortunately, Martha Rosenberg vivisects it here so I don’t have to.  The part I liked the very, very best was this gem:

To participate in trials, women had to be “in a stable, monogamous, heterosexual relationship” for a year, free from depression and parenting, eldercare, and income stress — but who does that leave? —  and “willing to try to have sexual activity” at least once a month.

Well for one, it leaves lesbians–did they not think lesbians might not suffer from this ailment, or maybe they just didn’t care?  But seriously, how in the hell did they find any women who met that description?  Of course maybe the whole dang problem might be cured if women who do have one or more of those things going on in their lives got a little support–better childcare, equal pay, great eldercare solutions and I’m willing to bet that if we weren’t so bone-weary tired from having to juggle all that shit, getting it on would sound a whole lot more appealing.

On the plus side,  for once the FDA got it right and did not approve this bad joke of a drug.

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