Jun 212010

I find it auspicious that the U.S. Social Forum takes place the week of the Summer Solstice–look for that celebratory energy to flow in large measure throughout the week.  Here is a lovely essay from Shanta Gabriel about Solstice, just the beginning and end excerpted here, click to read it in it’s entirety:

From darkness into the Light – the whole world shifts on June 21, the Solstice. In the Light all will find Oneness with the pure Spirit they seek. In the Light dwells wonder, knowledge and the incredible gift of love which comes from your awareness of the Creator of all that is…

…As you use the natural flow of the energy available at the time of Solstice, allow the light of the season to enlighten any dark corners within you, and visualize the world being blessed by this light. All beings will benefit and peace will be a growing reality to be harvested at Equinox in the autumn. Soak in the vibrant beauty of summer flowers, and enjoy the healthy fresh produce.  Align yourself with the natural cycle and enjoy the earth’s bounty and the light available on the longest day of the year. It is your gift to receive from the Source of all Light.

 June 21, 2010  Posted by on June 21, 2010

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