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Over the last few days, more attention seems to be focused on potential health problems as a result of the Gulf oil disaster.  One of the most informed voices on this issue is Dr. Riki Ott (I interviewed her for this article several weeks ago).  In these 2 videos, one with Keith Olbermann and one with Rachel Maddow, she gives us a good understanding about why this is so urgent.  Particularly note in her interview with Maddow where she talks about “dose plus host” defining the problem which really explains why my concern for pregnant women and children is right on target, the point being that pregnant women and children are particularly vulnerable and thus more likely to suffer ill effects from this disaster.

Maya Rodriguez’ report about the “oil effects you can see and the ones you can’t” and interview chemist Wilma Subra also makes some important points that add to our understanding of the unfolding health disaster:

Rodriguez also reports about concerns regarding the vulnerability of water supplies:

And well worth the read, Gina Solomon at NRDC explains here why the BP interpretation of air quality reports doesn’t pass the smell test.  Finally, see The Other ED–Endocrine Disruption, an interview with Theo Colborn that I posted the other day.

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