Jun 172010

The Feminist Peace Network will be at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit next week.  Here is the session we have planned:

Another Peace Is Possible

Understanding How Militarism Harms Women and

Working Together To Create A Women-Inclusive Peace

Thursday June 24th, 1:00 – 5:30 pm–Wayne Country Community College MP

Join us for a panel discussion about the ways in which militarism specifically harms women followed by an open mic opportunity for women to express their thoughts and visions regarding how to achieve  women-inclusive peace. Panelists will include Veterans For Peace member Col. (ret.) Ann Wright, Women in Transition Executive Director Khalilah Collins and Feminist Peace Network Director Lucinda Marshall.

This panel is sponsored by the Feminist Peace Network and co-sponsored by Women in Transition, Veterans for Peace, U.S. Women and Cuba collaboration, Code Pink and AF3IRM/GABNet.

For more details and a handy dandy map of where we’ll be, click here.

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