Jun 162010

Last week I wrote about how some of the chemicals which are being used in the Gulf oil disaster and are harming human and aquatic health are known endocrine disrupters.  To understand better why this is so very important, particularly in terms of potential reproductive health damage, I am posting this trailer to a video called The Male Predicament from The Endocrine Disruption Exchange that features Dr. Theo Colborn, a well known expert in this field who explains in very understandable terms why this is a huge concern.

Dr. Theo Colborn, environmental health analyst, co-author of Our Stolen Future, and founder and President of TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange), speaks about The Male Predicament. She presents evidence linking exposure to chemicals in our environment, before and after birth, to potential health effects in boys and men – such as birth defects, learning and behavioral disorders, erectile dysfunction, infertility, reproductive cancers and more. To find out how plastics, pesticides, flame retardants and other chemicals (often from the most unlikely sources) may be contributing to these problems, view this 37 minute video here.

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