Apr 272010

Winning a Nobel Prize is a pretty big frigging deal, it sort of screams out that you are doing something of import and people ought to be paying attention to what you say and do, NOT what you wear (which so far as I know has neve been a criteria for winning the coveted prize), unless you happen to be a woman who has won a Nobel Prize. Therefore we are awarding a big misogynist media boo hiss to the Corvallis (OR) GazetteTimes for trivializing the importance of Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams‘ work by devoting the entire first paragraph of an article about what she wore and how she wore it:

Nobel laureate Jody Williams sat on the stage, wearing a T-shirt, jeans and black cowboy boots with teal stitching. She dangled one leg over the edge, swinging her foot as she spoke to an audience that packed the Memorial Union Ballroom.

Yup, knowing about that teal stitching is why we know that Williams is mega-awesome. Anyone know what color the stitching was on Ronald Reagan’s cowboy boots? The boots that were part of Dubya’s faux brush clearing outfit? I think not. But we’re talking about a woman here and who really cares about her work with landmines so long as know what she’s wearing. Aaarrrggghhhh.

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