Apr 202010

Way back when I had just gotten out of college, I worked in an office where I was the only woman on staff.  When my birthday rolled around, the guys wanted to make me feel like one of the gang, so they gave me a cake with a great big frosting penis on it.  Of course since I was the only woman, they gave me the knife to cut the cake.

I very sweetly gave them each the teeniest tiniest pieces.  What I was too naive to understand then was that no matter how big the sugary cock was, it wasn’t going to make up for the fact that I was probably earning less than the usual 77 cents on the dollar that women seem to persistently make. Such a cake these days would probably lead to a lucrative discrimination suit.

Today is Equal Pay Day and no amount of frosting is going to make up for continuing unequal earnings that women still have to contend with.  Time has a multi-paragraph piece  asking why oh why equal pay is still a problem.  Really, it isn’t all that complicated.  The reason is that we live in a persistently misogynistic, patriarchal world and until we figure out that is a bad idea, we’re just getting the cake crumbs.

Want a bigger slice, click here.

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