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Oh for pity sake…I was out running errands before and drove past a pepto pink Kentucky Fried Chicken and there but for heavy traffic was tempted to stop and confirm my worst suspicions. Sure enough, KFC has started a Buckets for the Cure campaign:

KFC's eat unhealthy fast food to combat breast cancer campaign

KFC's eat unhealthy fast food to combat breast cancer campaign

On their website you can rotate the bucket to see pictures of women who will tell you their breast cancer story and you can even post your own story.  For each pink bucket you buy, they’ll donate 50 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  No word on the website how much the bucket costs but clearly KFC is going to make more on this than Komen, although the pink paint on their restaurants probably set them back a bit (will post a pic when I get a chance).

As I’ve said too many times already–selling unhealthy things to raise money for breast cancer is unacceptable as is predatory cause marketing where the cause gets a lot less than the manufacturer of the cute pepto pink thingy. As our alert friends at Breast Cancer Action point out, KFC has said that their goal is to contribute $8.5 million, however in small print, the guaranteed minimum is $1 million and according to the promotion (reprinted here in a reasonable approximation of the pepto pink),

“Customer purchases of KFC buckets during the promotion will not directly
increase the total contribution,”

So we’re buying pink buckets of greasy chicken why?  And what’s with the $7.5 million discrepancy between the goal and the minimum promised–looks like 15 million people have to buy the pink buckets to make that happen.  That’s a lot of breasts for breasts…

If you want to donate money to fight breast cancer in a way that makes a difference and doesn’t involve eating fried, greasy unhealthy food, please donate to Breast Cancer Action.

And while you’re at it, you can tell KFC to keep their greasy finger lickin corporate selves off our breasts here.

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