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According to the New York Times,

After initially denying involvement or any cover-up in the deaths of three Afghan women during a badly bungled American Special Operations assault in February, the American-led military command in Kabul admitted late on Sunday that its forces had, in fact, killed the women during the nighttime raid.

In fact, it is worse than that, much worse.  As we pointed out on this blog last week,  according to Kathy Kelly,

the NATO report insisted that the two pregnant women at the party had been found bound and gagged, murdered by the male victims in an honor killing. A March 16, 2010 U.N. report, following on further reporting by Starkey, exposed the deception, to meager American press attention.

So we tried to make this look like something done by what we frame as the enemy, but at the risk of being repetitive, wait, it gets even worse, via the NYT:

NATO military officials had already admitted killing two innocent civilians — a district prosecutor and local police chief — during the raid, on a home near Gardez in southeastern Afghanistan. The two men were shot to death when they came out of their home, armed with Kalashnikov rifles, to investigate.

Three women also died that night at the same home: One was a pregnant mother of 10 and another was a pregnant mother of six. NATO military officials had suggested that the women were actually stabbed to death — or had died by some other means — hours before the raid, an explanation that implied that family members or others at the home might have killed them.

Survivors of the raid called that explanation a cover-up and insisted that American forces killed the women. Relatives and family friends said the bloody raid followed a party in honor of the birth of a grandson of the owner of the house.

On Sunday night the American-led military command in Kabul issued a statement admitting that “international forces” were responsible for the deaths of the women. Officials have previously stated that American Special Operations forces and Afghan forces conducted the operation.

“International forces”? Do they seriously not know who conducted the raid?  Not highly likely.  But wait, yes you guessed it, it gets worse:

And in what would be a scandalous turn to the investigation, The Times of London reported Sunday night that Afghan investigators also determined that American forces not only killed the women but had also “dug bullets out of their victims’ bodies in the bloody aftermath” and then “washed the wounds with alcohol before lying to their superiors about what happened.

In other words, cut to the chase, not only did these maybe American or maybe mysterious international forces commit an atrocity, they clearly knew that was exactly what they had done and they tried to cover it up by falsely implying the barbarity of innocent civilians.  This is an horrific crime, a clear violation of international law and it needs to be investigated and prosecuted fully.

In this country, since late 2001 we have been subjected to a steady drumbeat from our government and media telling us how important it is to fight terrorism, beat Al Quaeda, find Bin Laden, beat the Taliban, defend the homeland and on and on.  Oh yeah and while we are at it, we will liberate the women of Afghanistan.  And the cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians, 2 of them pregnant, one the mother of 10 beautiful children who are now motherless accomplishes this how?

What we’ve been told are lies, bloody, bloody lies.  Later this week, I’ll be lecturing on the impact that militarism has on on women’s lives and I will be dedicating that talk to the women who were murdered in this raid.  Safety and liberation is not achieved by such atrocities, they only serve to make the world a far more dangerous place, especially for women if we allow them to happen with impunity.

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