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We’ve written about this appalling misogynist video game before (here and here).  After a huge international outcry, it got taken off retail shelves.  But who really needs shelves anyhow, the bad news it it has now gone viral on the internet.  I guess I’m not surprised, for all the talk about ending rape itself, it is still happening in pandemic proportions throughout the world, so why would we think simulated rape could be stopped.  It is nonetheless, so very discouraging and a horrible indictment of the moral health of the planet.

Many thanks to Rebecca Whisnant for bringing our attention to this latest chapter in this very revolting story.

Update: Psychology Today has an excellent analysis of this game.  Of particular note is the conclusion that wisely articulates a point I’ve made many times before regarding access to pornography and free speech,

As a free society, we can decide to tolerate media content that has the potential to harm real women and girls. We do have freedom of expression – no matter how repulsive the expression is. But there is a line. Content that has this level of potential to be dangerous and damaging should be treated very seriously and not dismissed as “just harmless fun.” I don’t know about you, but I am not comfortable raising my young daughter and son in a culture where it’s okay to make a game out of rape.

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