Mar 262010

Okay, so wrap your head (and your heart) around this one

During the final debate on the bill, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, noting that prior pregnancies and Cesarean sections “and most unbelievable of all” domestic violence could be considered pre-existing conditions, said, “We should all be ashamed.”

The bill should change this, which is more than good. (It’s not clear that the fix will be instant; exclusions for pre-existing conditions are set to end in 2014, although in the interim insurance should be available through a high-risk pool.) Despite the regrets about public options, the bill is sounding better all the time.

So do we have to wait until 2014 for domestic violence to not be an impediment to obtaining insurance?  The way the high risk pool is set up, you first have to be uninsured for 6 months (and will someone please explain how the ugliness of that black hole got into any of this)–so if you get raped during that 6 months, are you sh*t out of luck??  If anyone knows more about this, please share your understanding, I’d like to be wrong about how I’m reading this, but I have a bad feeling I’m not.

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