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The following is cross-posted with the kind permission of the author, Toma Lynn Smith from her excellent blog, Social Justice Butterfly:

Lately something has been bothering me.  Naked women are everywhere, rather it be an owl’s eyes in a Hooters billboard (their breast shaped) or Nia Long appearing in a PETA magazine ad:

I understand that we live in a world surrounded in penises, from neckties to skyscrapers, but it so rare that men appear in the nude.  Or should I say resort to taking their clothes off to pay bills or because they seek fame (i.e. Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy).  So what is driving us to be naked in plainsight?

My only answer is patriarchy.  And of course, there is the “of your own freewill” argument.  Too many women seek the approval of men, even if that means losing a part of themselves.

Despite strides of women making just a little more money in the workplace over the years, a female stripper can make a lot more cash on a pole than she can typing away as a secretary.  In some cases, like a “call girl” in Las Vegas, can make more money in one week than what a recent college grad can make in the first year of post-graduate employment.

So what can be done about this?  First boys and men could stop buying Hustler and going to strip clubs and for girls and women to realize that they are more than just a server to men, what’s between your ears is just as important as the lumps on your chests and the “whateveryouwanttocallit” between your thighs.

Yes women have appeared nude for centuries in art, but like it “was then,” the degradation continues, leaving women and girls to believe that revealing their skin for cash or for boys/men’s satisfaction is OK and it is not.

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