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No, really, hitting women is not, “in the spirit of comedy.”

A set of golf balls depicting Tiger Woods’ mistresses is drawing the ire of one of the women.

Former porn star Veronica Siwick-Daniels, whose face is portrayed on one of the balls, claims to have had a lengthy affair with the golfer.

Wednesday, Daniels, who also goes by the name Joslyn James, held a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred. The two expressed concern that the “Tail of Tiger: the Mistress Collection” will increase instances of violence against women.

“I’ve come forward today because I feel that it is wrong for a golf ball to have my picture on it because golfers hit their golf balls with a lot of force,” said Daniels.

“Playing a round of golf with these balls may leave marks resembling bruises on the face of the ball, which may lead to inappropriate jokes about hitting women,” Allred said.

The maker of the golf balls, admits he was originally concerned about how women would react, but he says about 90 percent of the women who’ve seen them have laughed.

He says they are a satire and were delivered in the spirit of comedy.

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