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I haven’t heard anything further from Thomson Reuters regarding their cause-branding co-option of International Women’s Day, however as you may recall (see earlier posts on the matter here), according to Julia Fuller, the Global Head of Corporate Responsibility at Thomson Reuters,

Thomson Reuters involvement with the IWD site extends to the provision of news feeds which contain gender relevant content around a number of themes including science and innovation, justice, health and business and finance.  Hence our partnership is more refined than simply posting irrelevant Reuters news stories onto the site.

I thought a look at their International Women’s Day Business and Finance page might be useful in illustrating what a total crock that is.  Here is a screenshot taken on 1/27/10:

The Thomson Reuters InternationalWomensDay.com Business and Finance Page--And this has what to do with IWD?

Stocks edge lower, new home sales fall, Geithner takes the hot seat and Berkshire shares surge…this is gender relevant how?  Please feel free to write to Ms. Fuller and ask her directly, julia.fuller@thomsonreuters.com.  You might also inquire about the change in identity on Twitter–they’ve changed the InternationalWomensDay.com user name from Reuters_Women to Women_on_IWD, but their  bio description still reads,

Thomson Reuters is global partner to the Aurora International Women’s Day website. Tweet back.

In other words, it is still a Thomson Reuters gig, but it isn’t as obvious unless you click on their profile.  While we are delighted that that Thomson Reuters is supportive of International Women’s Day, saying that their website, which is clearly designed in part to drive traffic to unrelated Reuters content, is The International Women’s Day website in their metatags is presumptuous, erroneous and unacceptable and the Feminist Peace Network continues to call for a boycott of the InternationalWomensDay.com website.

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