Jan 222010

This is the response I received from Reuters regarding FPN’s objection to their callous cause-branding of International Women’s Day via the InternationalWomensDay.com website.  (see earlier posts here and here), as well as my response.

Dear Ms Marshall,

Many thanks for your email below. We are looking in to the points you make and the issue as a whole and will revert to you as soon as we have investigated fully.

Kind regards

Melissa Berry
Director of Global Sponsorships and Client Events

Thomson Reuters

Dear Ms. Berry,

Thank you for following up on this matter.  I want to also call your attention to our expanded call for a boycott of InternationalWomensDay.com based on further investigation of the site.

Using International Women’s Day as a cause-branding opportunity is not acceptable.  That the website includes significant portions that have absolutely nothing to do with IWD and merely point readers to your product is opportunism at its worst.  International Women’s Day celebrates women’s human rights, not a marketing opportunity and we call for Thomson Reuters and Aurora to cease their callous disregard for this immediately.


Lucinda Marshall, Director
Feminist Peace Network

Stay tuned…

 January 22, 2010  Posted by on January 22, 2010

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