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As women around the world prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8th, the Feminist Peace Network would once again like to express its concern regarding a website called InternationalWomensDay.com which falsely bills itself as the official International Women’s Day website.

The website is run by a woman named Glenda Stone who is the, ” chief executive and founder of Aurora, a recruitment advertising and market intelligence company.”  She also writes a blog for Reuters.  Thomson Reuters is listed as a “global partner” on Stone’s website.

While all efforts to publicize and promote IWD are always welcome, it is essential to understand that there is no one sponsor of the day’s events, planning is done by individual women and organizations in countries throughout the world.  For Ms. Stone’s  company, Aurora and particularly for Thomson Reuters, a news concern to have the effrontery to use this as an opportunity for cause branding with no authority but their own is unacceptable.   While Ms. Stone’s work to promote IWD is welcome, The Feminist Peace Network calls on her to immediately quit calling her website the official website for International Women’s Day and for Thomson Reuters to quit supporting this false claim.

Please write to InternationalWomensDay.com here and to Reuters here.

To learn more about International Women’s Day itself and the many organizations that work to make it happen, Feminist Peace Network has a resource page here.

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  1. […] Yesterday I published a post objecting to InternationalWomensDay.com billing itself as “The” IWD website. Our objections are that there is no such thing as one official site and secondly the blatant attempt at corporate branding is totally unacceptable. […]

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