Nov 092009

While many of us are still reeling from the Saturday late night Congressional massacre of women’s reproductive rights, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that women’s childbearing is responsible for global warming.  Who knew.  In an excellent piece on the harms of ‘solving’ global warming with population control, Betsy Hartmann writes in On The Issues,

Overconsumption by the rich has far more to do with global  warming than population growth of the poor. The few countries in the world where population growth rates remain high, such as those in sub-Saharan Africa, have among the lowest carbon emissions per capita on the planet.

Serious environmental scholars have taken the population and climate change connection to task, but unfortunately a misogynist pseudo-science has been developed to bolster overpopulation claims. Widely cited in the press, a study by two researchers at Oregon State University blames women’s childbearing for creating a long-term “carbon legacy.”

The entire piece is highly recommended.

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