Oct 282009

If not, put your glasses on :-)  I’ve been working on some substantive changes to the way the FPN site looks and works.  Still a few things to tweak but the  BIG change is the addition of the Facebook box on the far right side.  There are numerous times when I want to share a link without writing  a whole post about it and the Feminist Peace Network Fan Page is  a great way to do this.  There is only one catch–to see what is in the box, you have to become a fan on Facebook.  If you already use Facebook, this is easy, just click the link.  If you aren’t a member of Facebook, you will need to become one first.  I realize Facebook isn’t for everyone, but this will save me enormous amounts of time while still sharing the same amount of information.  It will also mean fewer but more substantive posts on the blog, which I think will be a huge positive in terms of quality.

Let me know what you think and especially if you see any glitches.

 October 28, 2009  Posted by on October 28, 2009

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