Sep 292009

Talk about Homeland Security at its best– yesterday Nevada’s finest arrested 2 older women at a protest at Creech Air Force Base.  And what exactly were these 2 elderly miscreants doing?  Jaywalking and taking pictures.  Everyone who feels safer hold up their hands. 

First thing this morning, one of our crones Leeza attempted to take a photo of a banner at the action outside of Creech air force base. 30 activists descended upon this desolate row of low brown buildings behind barbed wire link fences in the middle of the amazing Mojave Desert.

5 police officers marched in formation across the road to surround and arrest this 72 year old woman as she bent over her camera examining the picture she just took.

Toby, who was standing next to Leeza, asked the police why were they grabbing Leeza. Another 5 officers swiftly proceeded to grab this other extremely threatening woman who dared to ask what they were doing to her friend and arrest Toby also.

It  gets more absurd, read the rest of the post here.

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