Sep 282009

Just in time for Christmas, at least if your parents work at Goldman Sachs or AIG–an adorable homeless American Girl Doll named Gwen which retails for the bargain price of $95. She comes complete with, a “white eyelet lace sun dress, pink braided sandals, light pink panties (under a white sundress–really??), and a white ponytail holder.” Oh and you can add a hairbrush for another $7.

Nonetheless, one fan complained that,

I was rather disappointed by the lack of items for Gwen though. I expected some outfits and a real book for her. I think she would have been rather interesting to read about and I just don’t know. I went online a week after I got her to purchase her Pjs and another outfit and we ended up with getting Kirsten’s stuff. It looks cute on her but Ag doesn’t seem to have done more then create a lovable doll and a side personality.

Well yeah, duh–she’s homeless, what did you expect??

Please contact American Girl and Mattel here and let them know what you think of their Let Them Eat Cake merchandising.

H/t to CommonDreams’ Abby Zimet for catching this offensive story.

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