Sep 202009

Thank goodness I’ve reached menopause because no amount of Midol is going to cure this case of cramps:

“And those are going to be increased taxes on numerous things, which are included in the Baucus bill, by the way. And such things that are considered medical devices in class two and three, but those are things like contact lenses and solutions, hearing aids, thermometers, diabetes test strips, oxygen bottles, wheelchairs, condoms and tampons.”

H/t to Political Carnival who wonders if this will be a monthly event.  The Granny Death Panels didn’t work and they think this  will? The image of millions of women who can’t afford tampons walking around without them is however an awesome  case of seeing red.

What has it come to in this country where we get our news on Comedy Central and our entertainment on Fox News? Are we to go out and make a run on the tampon supplies? And at what point are we going to say that no it isn’t okay to make stuff up and pawn it  off as fact especially when that fiction does harm as this faux healthcare drivel is doing?  If corporations have the same rights as people could we not charge them with a crime?  Sedition comes to mind. Period (a sentiment stolen shamelessly from the Political Carnival post).

And because I can’t resist, here is a tampon wreath I created in my pre-FPN days.  It won a  Best Use of Materials award in a show called The Flow.

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