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As a long-time fan of The Onion, I am so dis-heartened about these 2 t-shirts that they sell in their store. It’s hard to read the text in the star on the left on this one, but it says, “I sexually harassed the”

According to The Onion, this fashion statement will allow you to, “Make Light of Your Horrendous Workplace Conduct”.  Ha, ha, we’re not laughing. Filing suit maybe, but not laughing.

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Again, hard to see, but it says, “My Friend Went to Thailand and All I Got Was This Lousy Kidnapped Prostitute.”  Oh and on the web page there is a helpful note that says, “Prostitute not included.”

Yes indeed, count me as one of those angry feminists without a sense of humor but no I’m sure not laughing about human trafficking or sexual slavery either.  I am  however providing you with the following contact information so you can  let The Onion know they need to re-think their definition of humor.  :

Chairman David Schafer (
President and CEO Steve Hannah (

Or you can  call:  312-751-0503

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