Aug 262009

According to Human Rights Watch:

The finding by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of widespread abuses in Honduras should compel the international community to take firm action, such as targeted sanctions, to resolve the country’s ongoing crisis, Human Rights Watch said today.

The commission released a report on August 21, 2009, showing a pattern of serious violations under the de facto government, including excessive use of force, arbitrary detention, sexual violence, and attacks on the media, as well as several confirmed deaths and possible “disappearances.” The commission also documented an absence of effective legal protections from abuse.

In regard to sexual violence,

The commission found that “women were especially subject to acts of violence and humiliation because of their gender.” The commission heard the testimony about two incidents that reportedly took place in San Pedro Sula, one in which a woman said she had been raped by police officers and another in which a woman said she was stripped from the waist down and beaten with batons.

The commission confirmed that the police and army groped the breasts and genitals of women in detention. And women denounced security officers for forcibly spreading the women’s legs and touching their genitals with police batons.

The report comes just days after 93 of scholars  and Latin American experts wrote a letter to Human Rights Watch urging the organization to speak out. and after reports of the  brutal gang-rape of a protester.  In addition, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune,

The group Feministas de Honduras en Resistencia said Thursday that is has documented 19 instances of rape by police officers since the June 28 coup that ousted President Mel Zelaya.

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