Aug 262009

There have been a number of excellent posts out there today about Women’s Equality Day, and I want to point in particular to a post by Judi Jennings, the Executive Director of the Kentucky Foundation for Women. After providing an excellent historical foundation, Jennings offers this excellent summation of what this day should mean to us:

By understanding the history behind Women’s Equality Day, we can clarify the interconnectedness of the forces that maintain global systems of oppression by denying human rights, and we can shape new strategies effective in countering those global forces. In these times of deep inner divisions among people suffering from oppression, it is more important than ever to support the basic human rights that unite us all.

As activists in the feminist social justice movement, our challenge now is to build on the lessons of the past to continue to create a vision of a future that honors the inalienable rights of all humans, shares the incalculable riches of our heritage and culture and strengthens our collective power to work for peace, justice, and sustainability of all our resources.

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