Jun 182009

Linda Lowen at About.com offers this timely reality check regarding Obama’s commitment to women:

It’s been three months since President Obama created the White House Council on Women and Girls to address issues facing females of every age and stage in the United States. Great optimism surrounded the historic event which took place on March 11, 2009.

Hindsight may offer 20/20 vision, but it begs another question: Three months and five days after the Council came into being, what do we have to show for it?

Women and girls across this country are waiting. By the end of the summer, the Council will have been in existence for half a year – 1/8th of the length of Obama’s first term in the White House. If he’s looking for a second, I’ll say it bluntly: I don’t like to be kept waiting.

Me neither. A search of the WhiteHouse.gov site turns up a Proclamation and Executive Order creating the Council and that’s all.  Read the rest of Lowen’s excellent post here.

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